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About us

About International Franchise Group

As a comprehensive franchise consulting and development firm, we at International Franchise Group boast an extensive background in the franchising industry. Our consultation process is a well-established method that aids others in identifying and researching franchise opportunities that offer a realistic potential for success based on our clients' goals and their target markets.

There are over 4,400 franchise concepts available in the United States alone. This makes the search for the right franchise a challenging task. Moreover, not all franchises are created equal, and even the top-rated ones may not be the best fit for every individual. Our process goes beyond surface-level details. We delve into your goals, experience, strengths, weaknesses, desired lifestyle, and more, to help match you with franchise opportunities that offer a genuine chance for long-term success and fulfillment.

In today's saturated market, it's far easier to choose the wrong franchise than the right one. That's where our team of seasoned professionals comes in. With decades of collective experience in franchising, we've owned franchises, helped build them, and assisted entrepreneurs like you in achieving success within this industry. We're here to offer our expertise and guide you on your franchising journey!